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Former channel 7, KGO TV sports director Martin Wyatt is a fan of Costel Electric!!!

"I am so impressed with this husband and wife team: their professionalism, creativity, efficiency and helpfulness was crucial for the success of the construction of our new home. We relied heavily on their advice before and after the building process. They were a tremendous resource. One of the highlights of our new home is a earthquake friendly chandelier that they recommended. For seven years and counting they have stood by their work and are a continued source of expertise that we rely on."

Martin Wyatt
Former Sport Director
Channel 7, KGO TV

Letter of Appreciation for Projects Completed

"Dear Costica:
I wish to thank you and your staff on behalf of my real estate brokerage and development company, and on behalf of my real estate clients, the Kalka Family Trust.
For the Kalkas, you completed their 6,500 livable square foot Oakland Hills residence (7 Dawn Road), not just in a timely manner, but you greatly assisted in dealing and working with all the other major sub-contractors (plumbers, interior sprinklers, structured CAT 5 lines, HVAC, and central vac). This $4,000,000 home definitely would not have turned out the way it has, in part, to your professionalism, your quality work, and your expertise required for this high end residential construction project.
On my personal development, a 5,525 livable square foot home at 6701 Elverton in the Oakland Hills, I feel you truly went the extra mile for me. In dealing with all of the interior sub-contractors, you assisted me greatly in working and coordinating with them. We have approximately 140 + four-inch low voltage interior cans, along with a myriad of other electrical details, which wouldn’t have worked, unless we had your expertise. Again, I sincerely, thank you for your time, your effort, your coordination, and your coming under budget.
Your previous work for my clientele at our office building, 1814 Franklin Street, and Alan Chinn’s residence at 5509 Broadway, is also appreciated. Your analyzed the appropriate electrical upgrading needed, and finished the work in a timely manner.
Please feel free to use our company as a reference in the future, as we plan to utilize your services for ourselves in the future, and we will continue to refer you on for all of our clients’ electrical needs."


Kent P. Tarman

"I have worked with Costel for over 20 years. Costel is a great person with a great heart. His work has ALWAYS been extremely thorough and professional. Costel never cuts corners and is always totally up to date with recent codes and regulations. He is very responsible and quick to return my call. I have not only worked with Costel in my workplace, but in my personal residence as well. I would absolutely recommend him for any and all electrical issues. Feel free to call and ask more if needed.


Scott Miller

Executive Chef
The Pasta Shop/Market Hall Foods

"Costel is amazing! He responds quickly, is extremely professional and always very informative. I have worked with Costel over 20 years and I’m always amazed at how up-to-date his knowledge is and that he is willing to give his time and expertise to make me feel better about the jobs that he does.

In any construction project, large or small, there are two thing people want excellent work and to get it done fast. Costel has done this every time I’ve used him. If you are looking for an honest, informed electrician, Costel is your guy, I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

Sean Wilson
Wilson Associates

To Those Fortunate of You Who Choose to Hire Costica Paduraru of Costel Electric

"Costica is the best electrician we have ever used! I want him to do every job of ours! He and his partner Mihaela, are skilled at what they do. They do it with a neat precision and professionalism. They complete their work in a timely matter even if it means working long hours and weekends.
In addition to his contract bids being reasonably priced, because he himself is on the job, Costica often is willing to make minor changes and throw in additional items without creating a lot of paper work.
Whether he has done a residential remodeling job, a commercial office space, or a new luxury custom home, he has been a pleasure to work with. He treats me like a friend who literally cares how I feel about him and his work. And this care and pride in his workmanship and his relationships for the people for whom he works carries over to our clients—the homeowners and business owners.
In short, when one hires Costel Electric, one not only gets quality work promptly done for a very competitive price, but a good feeling about the work and people doing it! "


Bart Elmer
- President -
W.B. Elmer & Company
Phone: (925) 254-1400

"Costica performed an outstanding job as the electrical contractor for my new dental office. Not only was the work itself of the highest quality, but the customer service was above and beyond what I expected. Costica is--in a word-- professional. The frosting on the cake is that their bid was low."

Josh Bernstein, DDS
Clinical Instructor, LVI

"So far, I have had the pleasure of working with Costica on two large complicated residential remodeling projects in the Bay Area. I hope there will be more opportunities to collaborate in the future!
He was incredibly professional and took the time to personally walk my clients through the detailed electrical decisions on the project. He is patient, well spoken, design sensitive and an excellent electrician - a very rare combination.
I have hired him personally to do work at my own home, and would not hesitate to recommend him."

Christine Boles
- Architect -
Beausoleil Architects

"We, Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc. highly recommend using Costel General Electric Company for any electrical services. Costica is very professional with his work and is extremely knowledgeable regarding electrical codes and requirments that the City requests. The work they have performed for us has been excellent, and more than meets our clients satisfaction. Also, their electrical services are reasonably priced.
If you have any further questions, we would be glad to speak with you."


William M. Saleme
- President -
Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc.
Phone: (650) 212-3006

"Costica is a wonderful electrician and a joy to work with. He did all of the electrical work on the extensive remodel of my 1912 Craftsman home. The electrical system had never been upgraded and still had the old knob and tube wiring in much of the structure. Further complicating matters was the fact that the walls were made of old plaster that could not be replaced.
Costica managed to complete all of the electrical upgrading without damaging the walls and with the utmost consideration for the integrity of the original structure. Because of the chaotic way in which the contractor handled the overall work on the house, Costica could only do part of the electrical work at a time, necessitating that he return to the house on multiple occasions over a number of months. In spite of these difficulties, he remained totally professional throughout.
I have the highest regard for Costica's skill as an electrician and for his fine character. I highly recommend him and encourage you to call me if you have any further questions."

Rebecca McKee
Phone: (510) 872-0620

"For the past 2 years, I have been using Costel Electric as the Electrical subcontractor for all of my projects. Costica is an excellent electrician, and he and his partner Mihaela have done excellent work on all these projects, from kitchen remodels to whole house remodels.
As a General Contractor, not only do I have to take care of my trades, but also coordinate all the other trades, and how they will interact and progress through the course of a project. Costel Electric’s professional appearance, attention to detail and vast knowledge of codes and requirements have made it very easy on me as a general and he is always on top of any question that might arise in regards to how his trade and others will affect each on the project.
I would highly recommend them and I will continue to use them on all my projects.


Matt Truglio
Top of the Line Builders, Inc.
Office: (510) 582-1596

"I highly recommend Costel since he is truly a Master Electrician based upon his work on my 1915 Craftsman house with knob and tube wiring. Through two years of demolition and remodeling due to a house flood, I encountered many dozens of trades, many contractors, and several electricians, one of whom managed to disconnect 1/3 of the circuits. In the ensuing eight months without lights in a third of my home, I called many more electricians, all of whom were confounded with the problem, and presented costly wall-opening, new-circuit options to resolve.
When Costel came to my home in Dec 2009, he solved the problem and repaired the circuits within an hour. He also showed me how the electrical work was not done correctly in the kitchen and he proceeded to fix that too. Not only did Costel explain what was wrong all the way, and proceed to make things right, I felt I could leave him alone in my house to do the work, and I would know it would be done perfectly and my valuables would be safe. He is expert at what he does, and I recommend him unreservedly. He is not the cheapest, but I learned the hard way, that cheapest rarely gets the job done. He is the only electrician I will call on in the future."


Magdalene M. Allen
Licensed Real Estate Broker and Property Investor
Phone: (510) 913-1029

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